Grocery Stores…..

So I am in a the checkout line in the local grocery store today, not one of the big chain stores but a large store none the less.

This store hasn’t upgraded to the carrousel bagging system, they still use the old style belt and the cashier or another person bags the groceries. The store was kinda busy, and they were short staffed. So to help out I started to bag my own groceries. The cashier finished ringing up my order and just stood there and watched me. He didn’t help he just stood there and watched me. Did I mention that I don’t work in the store, that I was a Customer? Well he did help some, he offered some constructive criticism on how I bagged the groceries. I used to many bags)Really???? he had the nerve to let me do his job and had the nerve to critique my method?????

What has happened to people? Back in the day this would not have been acceptable and that cashier would have been out of a job. Today, he keeps his job and there are no consequences.

Now for a contrasting experience…..

This was a small independent store that has the same bagging system as the bigger store. It also was busy, but the difference is, the cashier took time to make sure I was taken care of. I bought several bottled drinks and the cashier went out of her way to get  a box to put the drinks in so that they would travel safely. What a different experience…..  A store and employees that care about their customers or one that lets the customer do the work for them. The Grain Train in Petoskey is a great store and deservers recognition.

Till next time…..


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