Northern Michigan Roads….

What will the state and counties do now that they failed to force more taxes on us during the last election.

My thoughts on this are…

  1. Let’s find out why it costs so much to fix the roads. These roads were all built when there wasn’t as much gas tax or sales tax as today. They were built with out the million $ pieces of equipment that we have today. They were built with people. Somehow we were able to build AND maintain them. Now we pay some of the highest gas tax in the nation and yet our roads are falling apart. Where is the money going? I would love to spend time reviewing the spending to see where. If our elected officials spent our money as if it was their own, I bet it would be spent much wiser.
  2. Why don’t the roads last longer? We pave a road and it seems like in a couple of years it’s falling apart. I don’t ever remember roads going to hell so fast. And I never saw a road disintegrate the way roads do now. But you know, they used to put stone in the pavement. That seemed to give it strength. My thoughts are this….if a paving company does a good job the roads last and they have less work. Do a crappy job and you get to do it again in a couple of years.

We need to let our elected officials know this isn’t acceptable. They need to do a better job managing these companies and force them to stand behind their work and if the road goes to hell, they need to fix it at their expense! I’m tired of working hard and watch others throw my money away.


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