The Big Box Store Generation…..

As promised here are my thoughts on the “Big Box Store Generation”…..

When I was growing up I would go with my parents to the grocery store. Dad would park the truck in the parking lot, Mom would take my hand and we would walk to the store. When we got to the main drive in front of the store she taught me to stop, look both ways, make sure there were no cars coming and then walk across the drive. If there was a car, we waited until the driver either went on past or allowed us to cross in front of them.  If the driver allowed us to cross in front of then we would hurry so that we didn’t inconvenience them and give a nod or wave thanking them. This had little to do with who had the right of way, but had everything do to with getting run over by a car.

Then came the “Big Box Store”. They put in stop signs and cross walks. Now I believe this is a good idea as it tends to make everyone cross in the same area, BUT….. now no one cares about the person in the car. People will walk out into traffic without ever looking to see if there is traffic approaching. They will take their time crossing, not control their kids and just generally make a nuisance of themselves. People have become so rude, and it’s all about ME. Really?? What happened to everyone trying to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? If we went back to the Golden Rule, the world would be a much better place.

Till next time…..


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