Why Do Republicans Hate Donald….

Let me tell you….

In the last 30 years has anyone seen a real difference between a Democrat candidate and a Republican???? Sure they say different things while campaigning, but when elected they are all there for the same reason. Themselves!!!! None of them have a care in the world about you until the next election. They throw your money away, they make decisions that affect us all based on how it will make their lives better.

Why do they hate Donald??? Because he the scares the hell out of them. They can’t control him. He is a candidate that doesn’t owe anyone. Believe me, when someone makes a campaign donation, they are expecting something in return for the money they give. They are buying a vote. Nothing is FREE people. Its time we woke up and realized this. “Kick the Bums Out” was a slogan once upon a time. Its time to bring it back and kick out the established “Politicians” that have raped this country for far to long. My vote will be for Donald. Right, wrong, who knows, but one thing is Damn sure, a vote for Hillary is WRONG!!



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