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2016 Election

Seriously folks…

So many people want to bitch about the candidates and their qualities, or the lack of qualities. Does anyone stop and think about how we got into this mess? We got into this mess because no one really cares about what is happening to our country. Oh sure we see some news on the internet or TV and think “this isn’t right, something has to be done”. But does it ever get done? Nope. Why? Because we are all fat dumb and happy sitting in front of the TV or computer. 50 years ago none of these candidates would even be allowed on the stage, let alone actually run for the presidency of the United States. All I can tell you is people better wake up because our country is being stolen from us, right before your eyes. When voting this November remember that the next president of the United States will be appointing at least 3 Supreme Court Justices. These are life long positions and will shape the future of our country for the next 1/4 century. If you believe that we need more Government meddling in our lives, more illegal immigrants coming in and making decisions about how your tax money is spent, stealing your retirement funds, your kids college tuition, then Democrat is the way to go. If you want less government, the ability to protect yourself from the illegals, the ability to retire at a decent age, maybe you want to think about voting Republican. Regardless of what you think of the candidate you need to vote for the future of our country. Don’t throw your vote away on a “third Party” candidate. They don’t stand a chance in hell of winning, so you better vote for the candidate that best suits your way of life.


Nothing to complain about today…..

Today is all about how nice it was to spend time with our Son, daughter-in-law, grandkids, our Daughter and youngest son on Mother’s day.

We had a huge  breakfast at our house after the kids spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa. (Grandma’s “Monkey Bread” was a big hit!

What fun it was! After breakfast Grandpa took the kids and (Mom and Dad) on rides on the Arctic Cat Wildcat. I can’t wait to see and post the GoPro video that we took.

20150509_185337 - 1

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Grandma played Mario cart with the kids on WII U while our son had to leave to head to Detroit to catch a plane back home.

All too soon it was over and everyone had to leave.  We wished everyone well , then Grandma, Grandpa and the dogs all settled down and took a well-deserved nap.

Till next time……